2023 January – A Call to Peace-Building

Our 2 speakers told us about PeaceCatalyst.org, and shared information about the organization’s efforts toward creating community and improving interfaith communication. They spoke enthusiastically about “peace feasts.”

Mr. Martin Brooks is president of PeaceCatalyst. Martin has been with Peace Catalyst since 2011 when he and his wife Susan returned from Turkish Cyprus. Drawing on the teachings and examples of Jesus, Martin has worked with local churches and mosques to create safe spaces to ask questions and build greater trust between Christians and Muslims. He has organized dialogue events, iftar meals and “Peace Feasts” with Palestinians, Syrians, Turks, Pakistanis, Somalis, Kurds, and Iranians.

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Culpepper. Originally from South Carolina, Lisa lives with her husband in Lexington, Kentucky, and serves as the minister at Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church on Iron Works Pike. She has been involved cross-culturally for many years through her travels to Eastern Europe, Syria, and Lebanon. Lisa felt called to peacemaking among Muslims and Christians through personal relationships, education, and community involvement.

YouTube video is found here, https://youtu.be/zmz3-P0V-Rg

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