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‘Imams Online > Interfaith’ focuses on understanding the importance of holding Interfaith dialogues as a way of building positive relations with members of different faiths. Effective interfaith work will aid the process of changing negative perceptions others hold of Islam as well as other Faiths. and will lead to a more tolerant and integrated society.  http://imamsonline.com/category/interfaith/

Interfaith scripture study at http://www.scripturalreasoning.org. Scriptural Reasoning is a practice of inter-faith reading.  Small groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims, and sometimes people of other faiths, gather to read short passages from their scriptures.

October 20, 2011 article about CMD from the website "Islamaphobia Today."

The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washington, USA.

Kentucky Council of Churches 

"With God on Our Side: from Rivalry to Reconciliation", podcast from Interfaith Voices with Maureen Fiedler. If your religion teaches that there's only one true path to God, how can other faiths also be right? This episode presents a documentary special about struggling for common ground.

Religion and Ethics Weekly, from PBS, with weekly headlines.

Interesting link to "Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West", from Gallup.com.

The first in a series of webinars is found here, a 1 hour 11 minute recording. Addressing Myths and Misperceptions about Muslims in your congregations and communities.